Mini GaussSense

The Simplest Maker's Toolkit, Ever!

The Simplest Maker's Toolkit, Ever!

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“Sharp tools make good work.”


The rapid prototyping tool we desire is portable, compact and versatile. It would be even better to be reusable and extensible, allowing us to customize it for different needs. Most importantly, we certainly want it to be easily usable.

Mini GaussSense is the most elegant solution that you can imagine. The tiny magnetic-field sensor and magnet in a box is our secret sauce for rapid prototyping electronics. Mini GaussSense supports various functionalities, sufficiently powerful for replacing a drawer full of gadgets! You just need to plug the sensor to the Arduino and download the free software development kit, then everything works magically! The breadboard compatible design not only enable easy extension, but also saving your soldering efforts!

Mini GaussSense, the simplest yet powerful maker’s toolkit, ever.

Cannot be Simpler

The Magnetic-Field Sensor in a Box is Our Secret Sauce for Rapid Prototyping Electronics.

Elegant yet Powerful

This Versatile Multi-Tool Saves Your Time and Efforts.

Reusable and Extensible

The Bread-board Compatible Design Supports Various Extensions.

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